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Colorado Couple Arrested for Killing Their 15-Month-Old Foster Child.

We'll never understand how those who promise to protect at-risk children, sometimes, end up hurting them the most. Dacey Spinuzzi (left), was a foster parent in Pueblo, Colorado. On July 23 the state placed a little boy by the name of Aiden Orian Seely into her home for care while he was away from his parents. On September 16, little Aiden was found unresponsive and taken to an area hospital. He died two days later.

Hospital records show that Aiden's body was covered in bruises, in different stages of healing, and that he had obviously been the victim of malicious child abuse.

According to KKTV "Ramando Jones (right) and Dacey Spinuzzi were arrested and both were booked into the Pueblo County Jail. According to deputies, the two were in a relationship. According to prosecutors who spoke at a court appearance for Spinuzzi on Wednesday, the child had damage to his spine and brain bleeding. Prosecutors added the child had bruising throughout his body and they believe the suspects were trying to keep the injuries hidden before a child services visit. Spinuzzi’s bond was set at $500,000 and if she makes bond she can’t have contact with anyone younger than 18 once released."

"Jones was arrested Monday night on a warrant for first-degree murder of a child in a position of trust, but was already in custody at the Pueblo County Jail at the time on an unrelated charge. In a statement released by the sheriff’s office, they add Spinuzzi was taken into custody Wednesday morning on a warrant for child abuse resulting in death."

The state removed three other foster children from Spinuzzi's home as well as her own biological child. All of these children had been living in the residence, and presumably present, while Aiden was being abused. Aiden's obituary says that he is survived by his parents, Bret Seeley and Zalissa Abeyta; Siblings, Bret Seeley Jr, Nathan Abeyta, Zazzlyn Seeley. There is no word if the three foster children also in the home were Aiden's siblings.

It's such a sad thing when a child is removed from their parents' care only to be placed with monsters like this. No, not all foster parents are bad but, this woman and her boyfriend sure do give them a bad name. Our prayers go out to Aiden's family.


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