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Parents Charged with Killing One-Year-Old Boy Who Was Dead on the Porch When Police Arrived.

We can add this case to the pile of cases that weren't handled properly with Child Protective Services. One-year-old Thomas Humphreys died of a suspected fentanyl overdose just 29 days after CPS decided to leave him in the custody of his unfit parents.

A social worker said that she visited the Baldwin, PA home of Tracy Humphreys and Thomas Snelsire on August 14th and found no evidence of neglect, drugs or "inappropriate conditions" inside the home. However, less than 30 days later, Baldwin police found the exact opposite AND a dead child.

According to reports, "police arrived at the home along Oakleaf Road in Baldwin on Sept. 13 for a report of a 1-year-old boy who was found unresponsive.

They determined the baby, Thomas Humphreys, had been dead for a period of time due to the condition of his body. An initial test showed that fentanyl was in his blood.

According to the criminal complaint, the baby was found on the front porch lying on a blanket dead when paramedics arrived.

Police said they had previous dealings with the parents including illegal narcotics use and child endangerment. Police also recently filed two ChildLine reports in May and July against the couple."

The couple seemed to have had one hell of a relapse because police officers found "pills, heroin, cocaine and alcohol on the day the baby was found dead all within reach of the child’s pack-and-play. They also found a straw with a white substance in the pack-and-play."

There was an 11-year-old boy also living at the home, who is Humphreys biological son, that was also determined to have cocaine in his system.

The neighbors of the residence say that they had long been concerned for the children's welfare and made several reports to the authorities.

Humphreys and Snelsire, both 45, were both charged with criminal homicide, endangering the welfare of children and multiple drug charges. They turned themselves in to the police and are awaiting trial.


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