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Missing Toledo Toddler Found Dead at the Bottom of a Pool. Mom Gets Arrested.

From the time little Braylen Noble went missing, we thought something wasn't right but, we were praying for a better outcome.

Last Friday Braylen's grandmother placed a 9-1-1 call saying that Braylen had fallen from a third story window at his apartment building and then disappeared. The distraught grandmother says on the call that they had been looking for him on their own for almost 30 minutes but couldn't find him.

A search party formed immediately for Braylen, who's only 3-years-old, and described as autistic and nonverbal. Toledo police used their resources, including specially trained dogs, to search the apartment grounds, including a partially drained pool, and the surrounding areas with no luck on finding the child.

Today, on the sixth day of searching, police decided to search the apartment complex again. This time they made a gruesome discovery. Little Braylen's dead body was found at the bottom of the complex's pool.

“It’s common practice in police investigations, once an area is searched (and) nothing is found, to go back and revisit that search area and see if anything was missed,” Lt. Kellie Lenhardt told reporters at the scene.

Neighbors at the Hunter’s Ridge Apartments complex are calling foul on the whole situation. One woman said that it's impossible for Braylen's body to have been in the pool for the entire time that he was missing because it was searched by residents, police and a trained dive team. In fact, one Toledo news outlet FILMED the pool being searched by the dive team and the water appeared to be clear enough to see if there was a body in it at the time.

Braylen's mother, who hasn't been identified, was arrested after his body was found. No criminal charges have been announced against her at this time.

We hope and pray that his mother didn't cause his death but, lately, we can't put anything past anyone.

This story is still developing and we will post more details as they become available.


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