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Parents Facing Charges After Their Newborn was Found in a Bucket of Tar!

A Texas couple have been arrested on a ton of charges after their newborn baby was found dead at their home.

Sheriff deputies were called out to the home of Donna and Roland Grabowski on Saturday for the possibility of an unreported death of an infant. When authorities questioned the pair about their missing weeks-old baby boy, Micah, they became uncooperative and were taken into custody and charged with child endangerment.

Shortly after their arrest the Grabowski's gave authorities a story on how they woke up on July 29th to find the newborn dead in their bed.

Sheriff Jim Skinner confirmed to WFAA that the police then searched the couple's home the child was found in a five gallon bucket of tar. "They took the child and wrapped him in a blanket and submerged him into a five gallon bucket of tar and put him in a shed behind the residence," Skinner said.

According to arrest warrants, the Grawbowski's told "numerous lies" while detectives questioned them. The couple initially told investigators the child was being watched by a family friend, according to the warrant.

"There was an attempt to deceive us as to what had happened and the whereabouts of their child Micah," said Skinner.

According to the arrest warrant, the couple allegedly tried to get a friend to cover for them writing in a text "I need you to say your baby is ours. Quick in and out. They just need to see."

Donna Grabowski also gave the police false information about the birth of the child. She stated that she'd given birth three weeks earlier at Medical Center of McKinney but, the hospital had no record of her giving birth there.

Roland Grabowski, 42, faces charges of child endangerment, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence with an intent to impair a human corpse. He also has a history of run-ins with the law dating to 2001 according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He was sentenced previously for aggravated sexual assault of a child, burglary of a habitation, and possession of controlled substances. Grawbowski, according to TDCJ records, is registered as a sex offender.

Donna Grabowski, 41, faces the same charges, plus a separate charge of tampering with physical evidence, according to jail records.

These two can rot for all we care.


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