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[UPDATE] Florida Girl Reported Missing After Taking Out the Trash Has Been Found.

A Florida family is frantically searching for their daughter after she went missing last night. Reports say that 11-year-old Jayla Jones had gone outside to take out the trash and never returned.

Local 10 News reports that Jones' family was displeased with how her disappearance was being handled by the police department.

"While police did respond to the complex on Monday to help in the search, Jayla’s family initially said they felt officers could be doing more to help bring her back home.

“Do an Amber Alert, just like they would for anybody else for any other circumstance, that’s what we need,” Doris Jones said. “Because if no one is out there looking, or no one believes that’s she’s in harm’s way, they don’t care. And I don’t want to feel like Miami-Dade (doesn’t) care.”

An Amber Alert was eventually issued Tuesday afternoon after Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina held a news conference about Jayla’s disappearance."

Jones is described as being 5-foot-2, 100 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. She was reportedly wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts at the time of her disappearance.


Jayla Jones was located after being gone for nearly 24 hours. Reports say she was found near Northeast 62nd Street and North Miami Avenue, just blocks from her home.

Before returning to her family Jones spent several hours being questioned by the Miami-Dade police. There is no word yet on where she had been during the time she was missing.


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