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Florida Father Shoots and Kills Terminally Ill 11-Year-Old Daughter Then Himself.

A Davie, Florida father has done the unthinkable this morning.

Around 9am this morning a woman said that she was cooking breakfast for her family at their the home on SW 18th Court when she heard two gun shots. She went to check out the noise and found her husband and her daughter dead.

Local 10 News reports that the 11-year-old "daughter was pronounced dead at the scene. The father, who was in his 40s, was taken to a nearby hospital and has since died.

“While we were speaking to the mother, we were told that the child has a debilitating, terminal illness, which is a possibility for why this tragic incident occurred,” Davie police Lt. Mark Leone said.

Their names have not been released as police are still notifying other family members."

This story is developing and more details are forthcoming. It is being investigated as a murder-suicide.


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