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Washington Woman Caught on Ring Doorbell Cam Sexually Assaulting Two Boys!

A Yakima, Washington woman landed herself behind bars after being caught on camera sexually assaulting two young boys.

The call came in around 4:40pm on Tuesday after a witness at the Spruce Street Apartments said that her video doorbell system caught the woman performing a sex act on two small boys.

KimaTV reports that "upon arrival, YPD says a police officer was directed to the suspect and the woman ran off to the opposite way through the breezeway.

The officer was able to catch up to the woman and pushed her, causing her to fall on to the ground, police say.

When the officer tried arresting her, the woman was resisting arrest by moving her arms around, according to officers."

When questioned about the crime, the woman, identified as 19-year-old Miah Lopez, told officers that this was the first time she'd done anything like this "just today".

The victims of the assault are described as young boys between the ages of five and nine-years-old. There is no known relation between Lopez and the children but, police say that Lopez is not a "stranger" to them.

Lopez is charged with two counts of Child Rape 1st Degree, and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer.


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