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Ohio Quaker Steak and Lube Restaurant Under Fire After Staff Mock Black Applicants on SnapChat.

Well, if we can't say anything else about 2020, we can truly say that it has exposed the idiots and the racists IN DROVES! There have been tons of restaurant owners, company CEOs and business managers that have been outed through their social media posts and comments and the latest comes from Austintown, Ohio.

A staff member, presumably the manager, of a Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant took to her SnapChat to mock applicants who were applying for a job. The Snap was posted to a "map" and was public for everyone to see. One viewer reposted the video with the caption:

"Found this on the Public snap map today.. name tag looks like a general manager. Posting job applications making fun of the applicants, making jokes about slaves & the applicants information is visible. Disgusting."

Take a look.

The restaurants corporate offices responded with a statement saying that they were "saddened by the employee's behavior" and that she was no longer with the company.

Here's the problem though, if this video hadn't been made public, accidentally we presume, how long would this have gone on? How long has she been working there? How many applicants has she prevented from gaining employment simply because she's racially biased? If she's fired, is the other employee heard giggling and co-signing in the background fired too?


Word on the street is this woman, Sarah Muirhead, has previously worked at the store in Sharon, Pennsylvania and her husband is said to be a district manager with the restaurant chain.

This is trash behavior and there's no place for it in the country we all call home.

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