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Popular Ice Cream Shop's Owner Drops the "N" Bomb All Over Social Media Prompting Boyc

Whew Lord the times are telling on a lot of folks in high places.

Recently an old post from Rick Jarrell, a franchise owner of Handle's Ice Cream, has laced up its shoes and took a, now viral, lap around social media.

The post from Jarrell was, we guess, intended to be a reminiscent post of his coming of age and how he viewed those who were different from himself.

He recalls not having any n*gger friends growing up but, his family did have a n*gger woman who came in and "took care of" them while his parents were otherwise engaged.

Jarrell says that he "was never taught that n*gger was a derogatory term, it's just what you called n*ggers."

Just because you weren't taught that a word is wrong doesn't mean that you should continue using it, or others like it, after you've come into the knowledge.

The post, although removed, has been screenshot and shared thousands of times prompting us to do some investigation of our own. If you've got time, and good eyes, take a look at it for yourself.

We guess this was supposed to be a recollection of his heyday but it's really the signing of his financial death certificate. The use of these harmful words sparked a boycott of his store and forced the hand of the Handle's franchise to make an "apology" of sorts.

The Handle's team released a statement, saying in part that his words didn't represent their “brand, our employees, vendors, or franchise partners," and they are "troubled by the offensive tone that these messages conveyed.”

Yeah, this "apology" feels quite generic to us and, in light of the current state of events, people are calling for more of a definitive stance. We're demanding that IF you support us, SAY 👏🏽IT 👏🏽WIT👏🏽CHO👏🏽 CHEST👏🏽! Proud of the "communities" we serve is too broad when Jarrell named derogatory names. We understand that their statement was meant to be short but, in this case, they needed to be as specific as he was!

We reached out to Jarrell's store in Huntsville, Alabama for a comment on the situation but, like his social media profile, he's gone ghost. There's a petition for him to be removed from ownership of this store. We'll see what happens.

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