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Views from the Backseat: THOUGHTS OF A Black QUEEN.

For many months we have talked about the symptoms of COVID-19 and the progression of the virus. Right now, I want to shift things for just a moment and speak on the symptoms of racism. For those of you that have difficulty understanding what is going on right now, let me see if I can help shed some light onto a dark situation. A great deal of what you currently see happening is the result of the spread of a virus called racism. Much like COVID-19, if the symptoms of racism are not contained, have a vaccine, or have a cure, it will continue to spread.

Throughout the years, people have chosen to wear a mask and act like racism does not exist, but what happens when people grow tired and no longer want to wear the mask? What happens when people no longer want to wear the masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Over the past couple of months, we have spent a lot of time in the confinement of our homes in fear of contracting and possibly dying from the coronavirus. For decades upon decades, black people have been contained to adhering to the demands of a so called “superior” race in fear of dying for no reason. If nothing is done about the spread of racism, then it could lead to the demise of many innocent people.

When you hear the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” what does it really mean? There are some people that just do not get it or understand, so again, let me see if I can help. When you hear “Black Lives Matter,” it is not saying that black lives are the only lives that matter. The slogan is “Black Lives Matter” NOT “Only Black Lives Matter.” In a perfect world, it would be great if all lives equally mattered and that is a desire for some, but not all. Let’s take a moment to understand that for one thing to exist, there must be an absence of another, which means that the slogan “Black Lives Matter” only exists because the lives of black people do not matter and “All Lives Matter” cannot exist if the lives of black people are not included in the word ALL.

So many people claim to be devout Christians, but yet, they have hatred in their heart for different races and ethnicities. The God that I serve created each and every one of us and it is the same God that said we should love one another. One cannot be silent about what is going on and not realize that the peaceful protests are about something that God desires. It is God’s commandment that we love one another and we can love one another by fighting for equality because we are all God’s children. Not everyone can make an impact in the same way such as protesting, but we can each do something.

P. S……. How long would you be able to endure abuse from an aggressor before you became outraged??? According to the dictionary, empathy is the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. The next time you are wondering why violence has broken out, just remember to have empathy to help understand WHY, although, it does not make it right!

About the Author:

Alabama native, Priscilla Phillips is a Medical Administrative Assistant for a hospice company.

She has a passion for writing and advocating for those that struggle with advocating for themselves.

Priscilla graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling. She desires to be the change that needs to be seen in the world.

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