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Actress Cherie Johnson Calls For National Blackout of the Economy to End Racism.

If you've been anywhere near social media or the news in the past 48 hours then you probably have seen the video of Amy Cooper (a Caucasian woman) calling the cops on Christian Cooper (an African-American man) in Central Park. His crime, telling her to put her dog on a leash. Did he break the law? ABSOLUTELY NOT. He was actually stating the law to Ms. Cooper when she became enraged, presumably because Mr. Cooper was recording the interaction, and decided to call the police.

It's not the fact that she called the police (which is trash behavior in itself) but what she said when she did! Ms. Cooper stated to emergency responders that "there's an African-American man threatening my life".

If you missed it, take a look for yourself.

Did you hear her work herself up into a frenzy over nothing?! Mr. Cooper wasn't even anywhere near her at the time of her fake ass frantic call yet she decided to amp up the drama and tell the authorities a bold faced lie. She's since made a half-assed apology after being dragged across the internet and being placed on leave by her employer.

This woman's actions could have resulted in Mr. Cooper being falsely arrested or worse, killed. We all know that there have been so many instances where black and brown men have been killed by the police for false accusations dating all the day back to Emmett Till and as recent as a case in Minneapolis where a man was killed in front of a crowd of witnesses.

The officers were responding to a "forgery in process" call when they took the man into custody. The officers said that the man resisted arrest and was restrained. A video taken by a bystander shows one officer with his knee on the man's neck, with his full weight, while the man lay there pleading for his life. Onlookers begged for police to check the man's pulse when he became unresponsive.Unfortunately, that man, later identified as George Floyd, died and the officers involved were "relieved of duty". . . whatever that means.

At this point, we're fed up and looking for a way, any way, to stop the killing of Black men. There have been some who suggest that we meet violence with violence but, there are others who think we should take a more strategic approach.

Actress Cherie Johnson has suggested that the African-American citizens of the U.S. withhold their dollars from the economy to show them just how mighty we are. She posted a video to social media with the caption:

"Unity is the biggest threat to mistreatment in the United States! It’s time to flex our Power! Don’t just leave this here make ur own videos and tell everyone you know please #closeyourwallet #fightracism#July72020"

We think Cherie is on to something here. Everyone knows that the Black dollar is the life's blood to the United States economy and that if we would ALL, collectively, withhold our money from their pockets we'd cripple the system that they've built to keep us under their thumb.

This is such a crucial time in history and we KNOW it's time for things to change. For far too long this country has used the blood of the black and brown to water their plants of greed and it's time for it to stop.

Will you be observing the National Blackout? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!


The FOUR police officers responsible for the death of George Floyd have been fired!

Mayor Jacob Frey said he supported the chief’s decisionto terminate the officers “100 percent.”

“It is the right decision for our city. It is the right decision for our community. It is the right decision for our Minneapolis Police Department," Frey said.

We're still pissed and preparing for the BlackOut though! In the meantime, let's get a conviction for his death and every other innocent death caused by law enforcement.

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