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Beyonce Hops on Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" Remix and it's FIRE!

The pandemic is literally having two effects on the world. It's causing some folks to lose their minds and others to dig deep and do better. Tons of artists have been dropping new projects during the pandemic to give fans something to listen to while quarantined AND to stay relevant. Megan Thee Stallion was already staying afloat with her TikTok challenges and new single "Savage". Well, today Thee Stallion was joined by the Queen Bey and they made the world take pause!

Fellow Houstonian Beyonce jumped on the remix to "Savage" and not only did the Queen give the song her vibing vocals but she dropped some serious bars! Most would have thought that Beyonce was only good for a hook or maybe a vocalized new verse but the Queen actually rapped!

"Please don’t get me hyped (I’m hyped), write my name in ice (Ice) / Can’t argue with these lazy bitches, I just raised my price / I’m a boss, I’m a leader, I pull up in my two-seater / And my momma was a savage, think I got this shit from Tina”

Ok then sis! Check out the full track below.

Is this one a play or a pass for you? We'll definitely be adding it to our Quarantine Turn-Up Playlist!

Both Megan and Beyoncé have pledged to give their portions of the song's proceeds to Bread of Life, a Houston nonprofit providing disaster relief to those impacted by COVID-19.

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