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Three Babies Abandoned in Three Years at the Same Complex Prove to Be Siblings.

Back in July residents of the Willow Key apartments in Orlando woke up to a startling, yet familiar, sight. A newborn, barely one day old, was on a resident's doorstep. We say the sight was familiar because this wasn't the first time this exact same thing had happened. In 2016 residents found newborn outside of a different apartment and again in 2017.

The baby abandoned in 2017 was left with a note asking whoever found the child to take them to a local fire station. Under Florida’s Safe Haven Law, a guardian can leave a newborn up to 7 days old at a hospital or fire station without facing criminal charges.

The newest baby was left with a note saying the father of the child was a "very dangerous man" which is leading some of us to think the mother may be a victim of trafficking or rape.

After the most recent baby was found Florida authorities decided to test the DNA of all three children to see if there was a possible link. They were in for the shock of their lives.

Recent DNA testing proved that all three children were siblings sharing BOTH the same mother and father!

Through their database they have also been able to discover possible relatives of the children but not their parents.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

"If United Data Connect is able to help identify the parents, OPD spokeswoman Heidi Rodriguez said the agency’s first step would be “to ensure the safety and well being of the mother and of any other children.”

Aid, such as social services or medical attention, “will be determined once we make contact with the family and determine their needs,” Rodriguez said."

We're thankful that the children are all doing well but this isn't how they should have been surrendered. From the looks of the note, the mother did care for the child and gave him up to possibly protect him.

What type of penalty, if any, do you think this mother deserves for their actions? Do you think there's more foul play at work here? Let's chat about this in the comments below!


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