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DJ D-Nice Helped the World Forget Their Troubles with the Sound of Music!

If you were any where near the internet this weekend they you'll have heard about, or attended, the biggest party in the world! Legendary DJ D-Nice hosted a party on his Instagram Live that had commoners rubbing virtual elbows with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Spike Lee just to name a few.

I was blessed enough to have a strong Wi-Fi signal and tons of time on my hands, due to social distancing, and could attend what's been dubbed "Club Quarantine"! This party was literally, hands down, one of the best DJ sets I've heard in my life. D-Nice mixed oldies like "Nights Over Egypt" by The Emotions with newer songs from DJ Khaled.


If you've ever been in a club where a celebrity is present then you know that the DJ's frequently give shoutouts to them. This party was no different. D-Nice shouted out the likes of Holly Robinson Peete, Melba Moore, Ava DuVernay and Donny Wahlberg. At one point Janet Jackson entered the party while D-Nice was mixing a Janet Jackson song!!! Lionel Richie also joined while one of his songs were playing and the crowd went wild!

To top it all off fans were encouraging other viewers to "tip the DJ" by posting D-Nice's CashApp tag ($BrandNice).

That was the example of humanity that we all needed during these trying times. People coming together, even while vowing to keep our distance, to enjoy great music in great company.

The atmosphere was so "club like" that celebs were using bar lingo in their comments. Sending each other to the "bar" to grab shots or, like comedian Gary Owen, buying bottles for their sections. . . in their own houses!

The party went on for NINE HOURS and several DAYS with people joining off and on just to check in and decompress or to get their dose of joy for the day. It was literally one of the best things that I've ever seen in my life.

Check out some celebrity footage below.

If you were even in doubt that music brings the world together, don't doubt any more.

D-Nice is hosting a voter registration "Couch Party" on March 25th at 6:30pm EST. If you didn't catch any of the last events, PLEASE be sure to catch this one!

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