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BREAKING NEWS: Jussie Smollett INDICTED One Year After Alleged Attack.

It may have taken them a year but the city of Chicago was relentless in their pursuit of Jussie Smollett. Smollett has finally been hit with charges stemming from his attack back in January of 2019.

Prosecuters say that Smollett staged the attack where he said he was beaten and strangled with a noose in a racist and homophobic attack. Smollett was adamant about the fact that his attackers were two white men wearing "MAGA" hats who were outside of his apartment building. Surveillance footage from his building and the surrounding area could not corroborate his story.

Just days after the attack two Nigerian brothers, Abimbola "Abel" and Olabinjo "Ola" Osundairo, were later determined to be Smollett's attackers but they insist they had been paid $3,500 to do it. . . by Smollett himself! The brothers were seen on video purchasing several items that were allegedly used in the attack on Smollett and claim that he helped them to determine the location of the attack.

The city of Chicago pulled out all the stops trying to solve this case and catch Smollett's "fake" assailants and ended up on a wild goose chase of his own making. Then-Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Chicago "is still owed an apology."

Smollett was originally charged with the hoax last year but his charges were mysteriously dropped in March. Tons of Hollywood actors and actresses stood up in defense of Smollett to later have the words of support come back to haunt them. Chicago prosecutors say that Smollett staged the whole attack to advance his career. . . it did the exact opposite.

His character seemingly vanished from the hit show "Empire" and no one has really seen him since.

Smollett is due back in court February 24th to face the music.

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