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Young Girl Sexually Bullied by Classmate for Months and the School Did NOTHING About It.

This story is definitely one to set the parents on fire! The father of an unidentified eighth-grade student at New York City's Marie Curie Middle School has lawyered up and is preparing to sue the pants off of the school's administration.

Here's what happened:

Beginning in September his daughter had been taunted and tormented by a fellow classmate who made sexual advances at her. The boy made constant references to the young girls breasts, demanding sex from her and repeatedly asked her what her "bra size" was.

The boy pulled down his pants in class and grabbed the girl to him encouraging others to do the same. After this incident he was just given detention but, no neither set of parents were notified.

The victim was frozen with fear and found it unbearable but, couldn't being herself to tell her parents about the abuse either. “He asks me disgusting questions like what my bra size is and if I want to ‘smash,’” the victim wrote in a statement to investigators. “I feel like whatever I say doesn’t matter.”

The torment escalated on Nov. 26 when the boy again demanded sex from the teen, groped her leg and groin and then grabbed her from behind, classmates told a teacher.

Her parents were called but the father contacted cops after administrators dithered on a punishment.

The young girl eventually told her story in confidence to her doctor who then told her parents. “She just said she was so scared,” her mother said. “This really has a big impact on a young child. And these schools don’t do anything."

When the girl's father contacted the school about his daughter's claims he was met with resistance BUT several students backed her stories. There was also a teacher who went against the school to tell the parents of an incident that happened in October where the boy made advances toward their daughter.

Seeing that he was getting no help from the school, the girl's father sought legal counsel.

The 13-year-old boy was arrested and charged with misdemeanor forcible touching.

Now the school is trying to save face. The NY Post reports "a former staffer at the highly regarded school said that teacher morale has cratered in recent years because discipline is no longer applied.

“It’s at an all-time low,” he said. “It’s no secret. If this is what’s going on at a good school in Bayside, you have to wonder what’s going on everywhere else. The kids know they can get away with anything.”

DOE spokeswoman Mirand Barbot said: “Students deserve safe and supportive environments, and schools must report all incidents and notify parents. We are looking into this further and will take any action necessary.”

Listen here, this girl's father was much more calm than some of the fathers we've come across. This boy could have ended up dead because he wouldn't keep his hands to himself.

Parents, teach your sons to be more respectful. A girl who he finds attractive OWES HIM NOTHING and he doesn't have the right to pressure or force her into doing something she doesn't want to do.


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