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5-Year-Old Carries Toddler to Neighbors House in Freezing Weather After Being Left Alone.

By now we'd hoped that parents had learned their lesson about leaving their young children home alone but, in one Alaskan community, this seems not to be the case.

On December third the Alaska State Troopers "received a request for a welfare check on two children in the Village of Venetie. The request was based off of information received that two children arrived at a community members house suffering from cold injuries. The temperature in Venetie at the time was -31F. Troopers chartered an aircraft to the village.

Julie Peter, 37, of Venetie, was arrested on one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the First Degree as a result of the investigation which revealed she deserted a five year old and 18 month old in her home with no adult supervision. The five year old became scared when the power went out and carried the 18 month old approximately ½ mile while dressed in socks and light clothing to the neighbor’s house. Both children received cold related injures. Julie Peter was booked into the Fairbanks Correctional Center on her charge."

This case could have ended in tragedy but thank God these two small children had a guardian angel. There were no reports on how long the children had been left alone but, we all know that children this age should NEVER be left unattended. Their condition has also not been updated by the state.

In our opinion the charges against the mother are entirely too light. We're not saying she should lose custody of her children but she's definitely in need of some parenting classes and outside support.

Thank God these babies are ok.


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