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Philadelphia Man in Custody After His Mother, Stepfather and Two Young Brothers Found Murdered!

It was a gruesome sight this afternoon when police showed up to check on a Philadelphia couple who hadn't shown up for work. Co-workers called the authorities and asked them to check on the married couple who had been having "trouble" with their mentally unstable son.

When they arrived they found the unidentified 29-year-old man in an upstairs bedroom and the rest of his family was dead.

The man's 52-year-old mother was found shot by the front door and his stepfather was found by the basement door, while a 18-year-old brother was found shot in a second-floor bedroom and a 7-year-old brother was found shot in the kitchen.

All four were pronounced dead at the scene.

Family members have identified the victims as: Janet Woodson Holmes, 52, Leslie Holmes, 56, Sy-eed Woodson, 18, and Leslie Holmes Jr., 7.

At this time there have been no reports of a motive or what type of weapon was used, even though it was recovered at the scene.

Neighbors are in disbelief saying that the family were devoted members of a local Baptist church and were just trying to help the eldest son in his time of need.

Whether you believe in prayer or not, these are definitely praying times.


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