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Had to be the Spirits! Drunk Passenger Vomits in Woman's Hair and Delays Flight for Hours!

Imagine boarding your flight, settling in your seat and minding your business. Just trying to get from Baltimore to Chicago because you have moves to make and deals to sign. Now imagine chilling in your seat and out of no where you feel something hot on your head and smell something retched! Then you realize that another passenger has thrown up on top of your head!

This is exactly what happened to one female passenger during a flight on Spirit Airlines!

The unidentified passenger was escorted to the restroom of the plane where attendants tried to help her clean up at a small sink. One attendant donned rubber gloves to help pick chunks of food out of her hair. Of course, folks on the plane took photos and videos and they are just as gross as you'd think!

Dear God this looks horrible!!

The culprit was, as other passengers described, extreme drunk and was removed from the plane immediately along with his equally drunk buddy.

Airport staff eventually had all of the passengers deplane so that the plane could be deep cleaned and sanitized.

While inside of the airport the victim got a chance to head to a bathroom and thoroughly was her hair in a sink and change her shirt.

The man responsible was lead away stumbling as he went.

The aftermath was caught on film. Take a look.

Just when they thought it was safe to take flight, TWO MORE drunk passengers locked themselves in the planes bathroom and flooded the sink. Needless to say, any business meetings you had in Chicago were definitely missed!

Before finally taking off one passenger yelled "If anyone else is drunk please get off the plane right now. I’m dead serious." That would have been us!

This is probably one of the grossest things that we can imagine and we can't say that we would have been as calm.

This man would have lost his esophagus and everybody who was drunk would have walked home!


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