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Man Held 15-Year-Old Boy in His Bronx Apartment as a Sex Slave!

Early this morning, while most of us were either sleeping or preparing for work, Bronx police were raiding the home of a man they say is a registered sex offender. Michael Barreto, 31, was taken into custody after a federal warrant was executed at his residence and the police found a plethora of evidence against him. The most damning evidence. . . a 15-year-old boy who had been reported missing at least four days earlier.

The NYPD received a tip that the missing teen was in Barreto's apartment after his photo was distributed throughout the community. According to ABC7 "Detectives from the Special Victims Unit went to the neighborhood and spotted the boy walking into his Gerard Avenue building with food.

Detectives started talking to the boy, who told them he was staying with "my friend Mike", authorities said.

Detectives said they went into the apartment at 6 a.m. Tuesday and found 31-year-old Michael Barreto living with a virtual studio, with multiple cameras pointed at his bed and lighting."

"He is suspected of filming sex acts with teens, and police are looking for more victims to come forward. Barreto is a registered sex offender with three prior arrests, including a Sept. 7 arrest in the Bronx for acting in a manner injurious to a child, harassment and unlawful imprisonment."

Barreto has been a registered sex offender for a number of years and his neighbors say that he has ALWAYS been a sexual deviant. One neighbor who's known him since his childhood stated that Barreto once showed her young sons pornography when he was just a child himself!

Hopefully this new case is enough to keep him off of the streets for a while.

Barreto is due back in court tomorrow to face a slew of charges.


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