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Nashville Realtor Accidentally Includes Sex-Act Photo in Expensive House Listing!

If you ever needed a reason to clean out your naughty phone photos, this is it!

Late yesterday evening Nashville Realtor, Miguel Calvo, uploaded multiple photos of a new home that just went on the market. The photos included great shots of the bathrooms, the kitchen, living areas, pool, bedrooms and even (gasp) one of Calvo himself engaged in a sex act!

At first glance the photo would appear to have been taken inside of a hotel room, it's clearly NOT the almost $400k home that was for sale but, on closer inspection, it's definitely someone's personal bedroom!

The photo, which has been removed, showed Calvo standing naked while a much younger woman performed a sex act on him. He's facing a mirror and taking the photo with his cellphone while the young woman shows the camera her lady parts from the back!

When contacted, Calvo wouldn't clarify who the woman was in relation to him, whether the photo was posted by accident or if he was still employed with the company.

Let this be a lesson to all of us who upload photos from our phones, check, check and triple check before actually uploading and posting. It's EASY to accidentally post a photo or video when looking at a gallery of photos all crammed next to each other.

Don't get caught in a compromising position like this man!


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