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Man on Parole for Murder Kills His Girlfriend's Son After Argument Over a Cellphone!

43-year-old Keith Burley has been arrested and charged with stabbing his girlfriend's 8-year-old son to death. According to reports Burley and the child's mother were riding in a car together, with her two children in the back, when they got into an argument over a cellphone. The child's mother said that Burley began hitting her in the face and head while she was driving. She pulled the car over and got out to look for help when he stole her car, with the children inside, and drove away.

Burley took the children to a house on High Street in New Castle, Pennsylvania where he began stabbing 8-year-old Mark Mason and screaming for him to "die, die, die!"

Another child was able to run and call 911. When police showed up to the scene, young Mark was already deceased and Burley was on the run.

Police got a tip that he'd crossed state lines and was in Youngstown, Ohio where they just happened to find him casually walking down a main street.

“If he’s already been convicted once of murder, why the hell did they let him out? It’s just not right,” said neighbor Nathan Glassel.

The three other children in the home at the time of the stabbing were not injured.

Burley, who previously served 20 years in prison for murder, is charged with homicide, kidnapping and assault, among other charges.

A member of Burley's family took to Facebook to express how they felt about his actions.

We understand that once a person serves time for the crime they've committed they should be set free HOWEVER, while they're incarcerated shouldn't they be receiving some type of therapy and reformation?


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