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Man Arrested After Beating a 2-Month-Old Baby to Death While He was in His Mother's Arms!

Two-month-old Jaquirion Dancer started life off as a fighter. He was born prematurely and overcame the challenges that face premature babies. He'd grown stronger, gained weight and was just figuring out his world when his precious life was cut short. Little Jaquirion Dancer died after being beaten while in his own mother's arms.

WISN 12 News has learned the baby was being held in his mother's arms when the suspect started hitting the mom and baby.

The infant was badly hurt during the beating and was taken to Children's Hospital.

Later that night, Jaquirion Dancer died from his injuries.

"You know, this is her little boy who was born not long ago, a preemie who was fighting and doing well and for her this is a huge tragedy," said the Rev. Dan Quakkelaar, who is helping the boy's mother.

Police would not say if the suspect was the baby's father."

The way this world seems to be turning against children is sickening.


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