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Feel Good News! Police Officer Gifts Woman a Car After Noticing She Walks 6 Miles to Work!

Anita Singleton was walking to work at a local Wal-Mart when she was spotted by a friendly officer. He pulled over and offered her a ride believing she was headed to a nearby location of the superstore. Officer Bradley Peck had no idea that this chance meeting would strike up a friendship in which he'd be a blessing to someone else.

When Officer Peck asked Singleton if she was heading to the store just ahead "She said, 'No baby, I'm headed to the Northshore.' I said, 'Ma'am that's a really long walk, why don't you jump in and I'll give you ride over there.' She climbed in and we talked the entire way. Like I said in my Facebook post, from faith to life lessons. How I was raised, how she was raised. It was really cool, super sweet lady. (I) got her to Walmart, shook hands, and she went on into work," Officer Peck said."

Officer Peck wrote a Facebook post about his interaction with Singleton that day and that single post caught the attention of Matt Bower's Chevrolet car dealership and set a wonderful wheel in motion. They decided they wanted to help him make a difference in her life and invited her to their lot to choose between two cars. The dealership even paid the insurance and fees!

Via Pix11:

"I was momentarily speechless. This is an incredible blessing. I'm so very grateful for it, I really am," Singleton says.

Her commute to work is now easier. No longer will she have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to make it to work by 7 a.m.

Officer Peck says he's inspired by her work ethic – before he left the dealership his message to others was "work like Ms. Anita," adding, "I'm gonna work harder now. I feel like I'm slacking."

This is a wonderful and heartwarming tale of human kindness. Sometimes we need a reminder like this in times like these.

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