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“In my mind, whatever we had going on, had nothing to do with the children,” Brittany Bowens Speaks

A tearful Brittany Bowens, mother of missing toddler Maleah Davis, sat down with Houston news outlet, KHOU, to discuss her daughter's case. Bowens was accompanied by, her ever present media dragged mouthpiece, Community Activist Quanell X, and told news anchor Len Cannon that she's unable to eat or rest, hasn't watched the news or been on social media since the disappearance of her daughter.

She also admits to not having contact with her mother much since Maleah's disappearance. "She doesn't want to be in the media" Bowens said but, most of us are wondering if it's because the child's grandmother knows what the real deal is.

When asked about the state of her being since her daughter's disappearance Bowens says “It’s like my mind and my spirit can’t rest,” Bowens said. “All I can do is pray and give it to God. That’s all I can do.”

If you've got time, watch the full interview below.

“In my mind, whatever we had going on, had nothing to do with the children,” Bowens said.

In the beginning, she tried to believe Vence’s story about the kidnapping.

“I would rather think that somebody took my child, than believe that somebody had done something to her.”

But Bowens admits it was always in the back of her mind that Vence might be involved."

I wonder what FINALLY made her think that this man, whom she trusted, had done something heinous to her daughter? Was it the previous skull fracture finally sinking in OR the fact that he'd been abusive to this child in the past? How could any mother see her child in this condition and then take her RIGHT BACK to the place where her pain happened?

There are thousands of people who think Bowens is just as guilty as Vence is and you know what. . .

"There's no rest for the wicked" ~ Isaiah 48:22


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