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Darion Vence Has Been Arrested BUT He Had an Accomplice in the Disappearance of Maleah Davis. Blood

The "stepfather" of missing child Maleah Davis is now in police custody. Darion Vence was arrested at his brother's home in Sugar Land, Texas and has been charged with tampering with evidence, specifically a corpse.

News reports state that blood evidence, linked to Maleah, was found in Vence's apartment.

Absolutely NO ONE has believed Vence's story that Maleah was abducted by three Hispanic men and the story has had more holes than fishnet stockings since day one. Vence claimed he was knocked unconscious and was out of it for 24 hours then woke up on the side of the road. We now know that's a lie.

A neighbor who lives near Vence's apartment caught him on surveillance video carrying a bottle of bleach into his apartment then leaving later with a laundry basket that contained a big black trash bag.

Vence's missing car, that was allegedly taken during the abduction, was found in Missouri City, Texas two days ago and thoroughly inspected by forensic experts.

Although the inside passenger area of the car held no clues, it was the trunk that was keeping a dirty secret.

Reports state the the trunk of the Nissan Altima held a laundry basket, presumably the one he was scene carrying in the neighbor's surveillance video, and a red plastic gas container.

Vence claims that he didn't know where his vehicle was but, someone was seen dropping him off in that same vehicle at the hospital he allegedly walked to.

At this point we feel that Maleah's mother needs to be brought in too! She's known important information since the case began and failed to come clean. If nothing else, the public feels she's guilty of not protecting her baby from this monster!

No child deserves this.


Darion Vence has had a preliminary hearing.


"A court-appointed attorney requested Vence's bond be set at $5,000, however the judge said that due to the nature of the case and a "significant concern that Mr. Vence will not appear in court," she set his bond at $1 million.Vence's case was assigned to Judge DaSean Jones, 180th District Court."


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