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GTFOH! Arizona Firefighter Arrested After Performing Oral Sex on an 8-Year-Old He Mistook for an Adu

This is some of the sickest ish we've ever heard! An 8-year-old girl was asleep in her room, while the adults in the house were having a party, and was awakened by a man licking her private area!

The child told police that she jumped up from her bed and ran into the room where the adults were to get away from the stranger.

The person who the young girl accused of assaulting her was identified as a local firefighter!

"Details of the allegations against Gilbert fire Capt. Michael William Palmatier, 48, were released in court documents Thursday. He was arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping and indecent exposure.

Palmatier said he thought he was kissing an adult's mouth rather than a child's genitals, records show.

He was taken into custody Wednesday at the Gilbert Fire Administration building.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detectives spoke to the 8-year-old's aunt at a home in Queen Creek on Sunday, according to the records.

Earlier that day, a party was held at the home for a family member's 50th birthday party.

The aunt told deputies she went into her bedroom and saw the child leave the bedroom bathroom crying. The child told her that "a man had removed her pants and underwear and licked her," according to records.

The child also told family the man exposed himself. According to records, the victim's mother knew her daughter's genitals were licked because of how she refers to her body.

According to the report, witnesses saw Palmatier "abruptly leave" the party and thought his quick departure was not typical.

A description of the man matched Palmatier, according to records.

A male friend of the family went to Palmatier's house to confront him.

"Michael answered the door and appeared to be extremely intoxicated," records said.

Palmatier asked the man if he was upset and repeatedly said, 'I f--ked up'," according to records.

When speaking with deputies, the child said her younger brothers and her were watching TV in the bedroom during the party. At some point, she fell asleep and woke up to a man licking her.

According to records, the child said she recognized the situation was wrong and tried to escape. While heading to the bathroom, the man grabbed her arm, but she was able to lock herself into the bathroom.

The man asked for her forgiveness and the child said she would forgive him if he gave back her shorts, which he did not, according to records.

Hold on y'all. . . it gets worse!

"Deputies asked a co-worker of Palmatier at the Gilbert Fire Department to help conduct a one-party consent call for the investigation.

His co-worker told deputies Palmatier had a drug and alcohol problem, including abusing Soma, a prescription muscle relaxer. The co-worker said he took a sip of Palmatier's drink and knew he had alcohol that day.

According to records, Palmatier told his co-worker he took the medication that day because he hurt his neck doing a sexual act on his adult girlfriend.

His co-worker told deputies when Palmatier taught at the college level he would pursue younger adult females.

During the phone call with his co-worker, Palmatier said he was not doing good and did things he couldn't take back, according to records.

He continued to say he went into the bedroom during the party and started kissing the victim and doesn't know what he was thinking.

When his co-worker brought up that the victim was 8 years old, Palmatier began repeating an expletive and "started to cry and apologize. He said "he let his demons get out," according to the records.

During another phone call that was recorded by deputies, Palmatier was confronted about how he could confuse a child with one of the adults. He said he went into the room because he "sexually desired" one of the adults.

"Michael admitted the entire thing was wrong but he would never knowingly do anything sexually to a juvenile," the records said.

According to the records, Palmatier said he thought he was kissing someone's mouth and not their genitals.

The records stated, "He also commented, 'Yeah I have a sick side to me, like a sexually sick side to me, but not in that way.'"

He later said that children wouldn't lie about things of this situation.

"You're right, 8-year-olds don't make s--t like that up," he said according to records.

Palmatier was released from custody late Wednesday and required to wear an electronic monitoring device. His next court appearance was scheduled May 1."

Of course, he resigned from his job.


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