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Arizona Mother Arrested for Punching 7-Year-Old in the Face for Not Being a Better "Look Out&qu

If there were ever a twisted tale of generational bad parenting, this is definitely it!

Last Friday 27-year-old Rebecca Gonzales was summoned to pick up her 7-year-old son at a Phoenix, Arizona Wal-Mart. The police had picked up Gonzales' mother for shoplifting and she was being taken into custody, leaving the young boy without a guardian. Reports say that Gonzales came to collect her son and everything seemed normal, until she got him out of the store.

Via ABC15:

"Officers reportedly saw Gonzales slap and punch the child in the face when she was in the parking lot.

The child reportedly told police that he was hit because "he didn't watch out for his grandma good enough."

Police say the child's mouth was bleeding when officers saw him."

Needless to say Gonzales was taken into custody on the spot right along with her thieving mother. There's no word on who the child was placed in the care of but we're praying that whoever they are, they're better than this pair.


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