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Texas Girl Assaulted at a Salvation Army by an Older Boy During Bible Study!

A Texas mother is looking for answers after her young daughter was brutally assaulted at a local Salvation Army. Shameka McGaha said that her daughter, Na'Kyleigh Walker, has been missing school, hiding her appearance and keeping a low profile because she's embarrassed by her appearance!


"Na'Kyleigh says last week at a bible study, a 13 year-old boy hit her in her head with a chair.

"He got mad at the leader and he got up and he folded his chair and he reared back and swung it at me," Na’Kyleigh said.

It happened at the Salvation Army Worship Center in Bryan. It’s the one place Shameka says she never expected her daughter to feel any type of pain.

"Angry, frustrated. Every day I look at her and it just tears me down," McGaha said.

The Salvation Army has offered to pay for the Na'Kyleigh's hospital bills, and say they removed the boy responsible for the attack from the program.

"The safety of our children is the absolute number one priority in all Salvation Army program, and when the event took place, that is the course of action that needed to be done," said Capt. Paul Ryerson with the Salvation Army.

Capt. Ryerson says his staff is investigating how to keep kids safer moving forward.

"My only word for this young girl is my sincerest apologies, and we will be working very hard to make sure it never happens again," Capt. Ryerson said.

The bruises and swelling may be temporary, but Na'Kyleigh says she worries about who to trust now.

"I want them to know that even though we have places where adults are, they doesn't mean that you're really safe," Walker said.

Who is out here raising sons that grab folding chairs and bash other kids with them? This isn't the old school WWF!

If this was your child, what would you have done?


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