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King of Petty! Michael Jackson's Estate Drops Concert Footage During the "Leaving Neverland

Last night during an expose' documentary on the late LEGENDARY King of Pop, Michael Jackson, his estate did the ultimate in diversion tactics. Michael Jackson's estate had been trying to halt the premiere of the "Leaving Neverland" documentary since it's inception but to no avail.

The documentary focused on two men, who we won't name because we have reasons, who claimed that the late singer had molested them for years (despite one of them saying under oath that nothing happened). The whole doc was fishy from the jump and those of us who watched ( I made it through one hour) were either left in tears or with questions.

I had way more questions than time. If you want some backstory on why we think this is a farce, click here.

Jackson's estate, not being able to stop the showing, did the BEST thing they could do to keep the King of Pop's image in all of it's former glitz and glory. They released a FULL two hour concert. Filmed in Bucharest during his "Dangerous Tour", this concert brought back all of the good feels that Jackson fans had been missing. Take a look.

I swear we swooned during the first 30 seconds of him just standing there!

The second half of the "Leaving Neverland" documentary is set to air tonight and guess what? Jackson's estate is releasing another concert!

The documentary has changed the way a lot of people feel about Michael Jackson as a person but, there are those of us who are doubting the entire story. Where do you stand? Let's chat about this in the comments below!

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