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Aww Hell Naw! Ohio Nursing Home Accused of Neglect After Leaving Resident "Gasping for Breath&q

A Canton, Ohio nursing home has come under fire after the family of one resident say that they found their loved one in a state of distress. The complaint comes after a family friend and the elderly woman's son found her face down at a nurses station and "strangling on her own saliva".

Check this out:

We've blurred this woman's face to protect her privacy and also to spare some of us the look of helplessness in her eyes.

The facility, identified as Altercare Noble's Pond, was previously rated one of the "Best Nursing Homes" for short stay and rehabilitation for the past few years. CEO Gerald Schroer released a statement a full week after the incident claiming that the resident was not in distress and that she was face-down on the pillow by her own volition.

Look, we don't care who put the pillow where, ELDERLY PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BE LEFT ALONE! I have family members who have been in rehabilitation facilities and I know for a fact that not all of the people who work there have the residents best interest at heart. People who don't have family members that visit ofter can go neglected for periods of time. I've learned that ANY facility, whether it services children or adults, can put on a good face long enough to pass state inspector visits!

If you've got loved ones in facilities, CHECK ON THEM OFTEN. If you've got a clean record and want to volunteer, call your local facilities and ask if you can come read to the residents, color with them or even watch the Soap Operas with them.

This is unacceptable!


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