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All of Crazy Stuff Happens in Ohio! Man Beats His Wife After She Catches Him Sexing Their Maltipoo!

I swear the craziest things always happen in my neck of the woods! This case is from South Euclid, which is just outside Cleveland, and it's bananas!

27-year-old Wayne Langsdale was charged with domestic violence and bestiality after police say his wife caught him in the act of sexually abusing their dog.

Langsdale's wife, only identified as a 55-year-old female victim, reported to the South Euclid Police Department that she walked in on her husband molesting their dog! Langsdale then abused her when she confronted him about what he'd done!

"The woman said she opened the door and saw Langsdale sitting on the toilet with his pants down abusing the dog.

According to the report obtained by, the wife screamed at her husband to stop and asked him why he would do that, noting that it is 'illegal, nasty and a mean thing to do to a dog.'

The woman then ordered Lagnsdale to leave the house before she called the police, to which the 27-year-old suspect reportedly replied that 'police will not do anything because its [sic] just a dog.'

As the wife picked up her phone to dial 911, Langsdale allegedly called her a 'snitch b****,' told her he hated her, then came up to her and repeatedly pushed her in the chest with both his handsThe 6-foot-tall, 200-pound man then allegedly twisted his wife's left arm behind her back until she let go of her cellphone.

'Once he had the phone, he spit on [the wife] and pushed her in her back and knocked her to the floor,' the report stated.

Before leaving the apartment, Langsdale allegedly took the woman’s phone and threw it from the third floor down the stairs, causing the device to shatter into piece.

Police have issued a warrant for Langsalde's arrest, charging him with felony domestic violence and misdemeanor sexual conduct with an animal.

The incident report stated that the 27-year-old had multiple prior domestic violence convictions, and that the victim told police her husband had attacked her prior to Sunday's incident, leaving her in fear for her safety."

This is the epitome of disgusting!! There's no telling how long this man had been abusing this dog and we're glad he was caught!

Hopefully his wife will take this as the last straw and stay away from him.


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