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There's Something Strange About Jussie Smollett's Story. New Details Contradict the Former.

When the attack on Jussie Smollett first came to light almost everyone was taken by surprise. The vast majority of us were completely thrown by how brutal the attack seemed but there were some who doubted the details from the very beginning. The preliminary details, while shocking, weren't clear. The suspects (two white men in a predominately Black neighborhood) were sketchy and then there was the rope that had been around Jussie's neck for at least 40 minutes by the time the cops arrived.

To top it all off, Jussie was refusing to give the police his phone. Let's follow the new details down the proverbial rabbit hole!

Redacted phone records? Sir. . . That doesn't help your case at all! At least not at first glance. Jussie sat down with Robyn Roberts of Good Morning America yesterday and explained why he wouldn't cough up the actual phone. Watch.

So, these persons of interest, who are NOT white, were detained and questioned for a while and their apartment was searched. Check out the apartment photos and the list of evidence found.

Did you notice that one of the pieces of evidence said "receipt Empire"? Yeah, we did too.

The Chicago PD are still treating this as a legit investigation even though there are TONS of people saying that this was all a hoax constructed because he was being written off of the hit show "Empire". The persons of interest are still cooperating, as is Jussie, so we should be seeing an end to this soon.

Now that we've seen all of this, does it change your thoughts on the "alleged attack"? We still have questions!

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