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Who's Got Next? Music Artists That You'll Wish You Found Sooner! [Male Singers Edition]

After the newbies swept through the Grammy's we thought we'd put y'all on to some new game changers! This is the first edition of "Who's Got Next?" and we've decided to let the gentlemen take the lead. Below you'll find our fresh picks for male artists who are singing their way out of the background and into our hearts. We promise you, they won't disappoint!

First up is: LaMarcus Eldridge

Don't let the young face fool you, LaMarcus Eldridge has been in the business long enough to rack up some pretty good credentials. Eldridge has sang background for Coldplay, Cyndi Lauper, Diddy and BEYONCE'!!! Not only has he graced stages but he's also been on the television screen as well, he sang in the choir on ABC's "Black-ish" for their Juneteenth episode.

Eldridge is a natural, born into a family of gospel artists, who is making a name for himself in the R&B world. His single "Attention" will definitely grab yours and leave you wanting more. The song is a ballad of the most melodic, grooving, lyrics put to a vibe so chill, you can definitely envision the scenario the song depicts.

If you had to compare his singing style you'd be hard pressed to put your finger on exactly who he's reminiscent of however, there's no denying this young man has definitely got what it takes to have a long-lasting music career. Keep tabs on LaMarcus Eldridge on iTunes!

Kenyon Dixon

The way Kenyon Dixon blends the old school soul with his new school vocals is nothing short of heavenly chemistry. His take on the old Al Green song "Love & Happiness" is one of the best blends we've ever been blessed to hear.

Dixon dropped a new project "N****s Get Emotional Too" and it bears the same exact energy as "Love & Happiness". It's the recipe for a spiritual love affair that admonishes lovers to pray for each other, make love and stay the course through the rough times. The EP doesn't leave out the casual lovers though, the track "S.I.H.I." explores the changes that happen in a relationship that take place after the bed is made and the clothes are back on.

To learn more about Kenyon Dixon, visit his website or his Instagram. If you want to hear more of his music, along with some sick covers, click here. You'll thank us later!

The Roses

Members Blaq Rose and Yung Rose are forging a new sound with a familiar feel in R&B music. This father and son duo combine to make a vocal phenomenon like none other.

With the cadence and vocal candor of R&B greats like Gerald and Eddie Levert and the vibe of Blackstreet, The Roses give us the perfect blend of "90's" and "'19" R&B that's sure to be added to your "baby making playlist".

If they sound somewhat familiar it's because the elder Rose, Blaq Rose (left), has been singing with Levert II and K-Ci and JoJo (Jodeci) for a number of years. Word on the street is, "Can't Have U" was actually shelved by the duo for quite some time before they decided to bless the world with their gift.

We're so glad they did!

The Roses debut single "Can't Have U" is available for pre-order here. If you love the single, give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

These men are what we call "sangers". The people who don't just sing from their lungs, diaphragm and throat but from their heart! They've shared intimate feelings with us in hopes that we find a commonplace and a soundtrack for our journey.

We don't ask for much but, we're asking that you share this good music with others. Spread the love!

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