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Five, Unrestrained, Children Die in a Car Crash That Also Injures Two Adults.

An early morning crash claimed the life of 5 young children. Around 5 a.m. on Saturday the State Troopers in Bowie, Maryland responded to a single car accident that killed the children and injured their parents. Early reports say that the car struck several trees and spun out of control, littering children as it went, before finally coming to rest on the snow and ice covered field.

USA Today reports "the troopers identified the dead children as: 8-year-old London Dixon and 5-year-old Paris Dixon, both of Bowie; and 14-year-old Zion Beard; 6-year-old Rickelle Ricks; and 15-year-old Damari Herald, all of Washington, D.C.

Police identified the driver as 32-year-old Dominique Taylor, of Bowie. Twenty-three-year Cornell Simon of Oxon Hill is believed to have been a front-seat passenger. Both were injured."

Preliminary investigations show that all five children were, presumably, unrestrained in the back seat of the car while the two adults were seat-belted in the front. Taylor's condition is unlisted while Simon remains in critical condition.

As of this moment there is no word on whether or not the driver of the vehicle will be charged with any crime.

This is definitely one of the saddest events that we've had to report. Let's keep these families in our prayers.

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