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Louisiana Officer Chateri Payne, 22, Shot and Killed. Boyfriend and Two Others Arrested.

Officer Chateri Payne, 22, was shot multiple times last Wednesday as she was preparing to go to work. Reports say that Payne was shot at least four times, including once in the head, Payne had only been on the force for two months and her death was a shock to the community.

Payne had been a High School track star, she was the mother of a young daughter and loved by all who knew her. Or so it seemed.

Just last night police made three arrests in connection with Payne's murder and one was her own boyfriend, Treveon Anderson.

"Shreveport Police announced Monday evening they arrested three people in connection to her slaying - her boyfriend and the father of her child Treveon Anderson, 26; Glenn Fierson, 38; and Lawrence Pierre, 22.

They will be charged with second degree homicide in her death. Police have not released a motive in her death.

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond revealed during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that Treveon Anderson was the boyfriend of Officer Payne and they shared a baby girl together.

He called 911 to report her injuries and was questioned by police afterwards.

He claimed to have been inside the home with the child when gunfire rang out and he exited the home and shot 'at a person wearing all white clothing who he believed to be the suspect'.

But after investigators and detectives collected evidence from the scene, it pointed to Anderson as the killer.

'We believe Anderson shot and killed her and concocted the false narrative of her being murdered by an unknown suspect. Two other men have been charged in connection with the murder as well,' Chief Raymond said.

'We are still mourning the heinous murder of Office Payne but thanks to these men and women we can have some peace in taking three evil cowards off the streets so they cannot harm anyone else,' he added.

It's not clear what relation those two additional men had to Treveon. It is also not clear if they too opened fire. They've been labeled as accomplices.

It's also not immediately clear why Treveon pulled the trigger on his girlfriend.

The weapon, a .40 caliber handgun, used in the killing was also found by police."

Payne's mother LaKeitha Nash-Hudson addressed Anderson on social media calling him a "cowardly, sick psychopath" for taking her daughter, and the mother of his daughter, away from her.

Funeral services for Officer Payne have been scheduled for this weekend. Her daughter is with family as one would expect.

The arrests are only the beginning as the investigation is ongoing.


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