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Illinois Man Has a $5 Million Bail After Allegedly Killing Girlfriend's Toddler for Spilling Jui

19-year-old Jonathan Fair could possibly be spending the rest of his life in jail after he allegedly killed his girlfriend's daughter. Fair was alone with 4-year-olf Skylar Mendez when she spilled juice on his Xbox console. Reports say that Fair, who was babysitting the child, beat her as punishment.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Fair brought the girl to a local hospital and initially said she had fallen and hit her head, although he later admitted to police that he had shaken her “really hard,” and beaten her as punishment for spilling the juice, Assistant State’s Attorney Steve Scheller said.

Scheller added the abuse allegedly including kicking her down a hallway of the home.

Fair took the child to the hospital after she became unconscious.

"The girl died a few days later at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, after a surgical attempt to relieve swelling of her brain was not successful, Scheller said. He said doctors noted signs of previous shaking and abuse likely going back months.

If Fair is convicted at trial, he would face a sentence ranging from 60 years to natural life in prison under enhancements included in the murder charges Fair faces, Scheller said.

The indictments are an upgrade from previous charges of aggravated battery, which Fair was charged with following his arrest by Waukegan police after the incident.

Waukegan police said in a statement released after Fair’s arrest that the department received a call at about 11:30 p.m. Dec. 13 from Vista Medical Center East involving a report of a child with a head injury."

The family has opened a GoFundMe account to help with the final expenses of little Skylar. Fair has been charged with first degree murder and is set to be arraigned on February 17.

We can obviously point fingers here and ask a million questions but none of that is going to bring this child back. What we can do is learn from this and stop leaving our children with untrustworthy people/


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