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Fake Pastor Uses His Bible to Smuggle Drugs into Jail!

If you've ever watched an episode of "Orange is the New Black", "Wentworth" or even "OZ" then you'll know that inmates find all types of ways to get their outside contraband inside prison walls. We've seen underground tunnels, body cavities and even baby's diapers but NEVER have we seen anything like this.

A North Carolina duo have been charged with smuggling drugs into a jail by one posing as a Pastor and hiding the drugs in his Bible!


"It was believed that a male subject, identified as James A. Morman III, was posing as a 'pastor' and using bibles to smuggle said contraband and its substances into the detention facility."

Two people were charged with "the possession of a controlled substance pursuant to North Carolina Controlled Substance Act, in addition to charged with carrying contraband within a detention facility in the state of North Carolina."

Morman, 28, of Laurinburg, and an inmate, identified in the post as Bryson Brown, were arrested and charged. Additional charges are expected.

A sweep of the detention center was conducted on Monday and "a number of items such as illegal substances and their contraband were located."

"Morman has previous convictions for assault inflicting serious bodily injury and common law robbery. He has served time at Scotland Correctional Institution."

This is probably the wildest drug smuggling story we've ever heard! Hopefully these two will grab a real Bible and actually read it while they sit in solitary and do their time.


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