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Remy Ma Hospitalized Just Days After Giving Birth.

New York's own royal couple, Remy Ma and her husband Papoose, just welcomed a baby girl only 5 days ago. What was one of the year's most anticipated births has quickly turned to anticipation of another kind altogether.

Remy, whose real name is Reminisce Mackie, had a "tough labor" according to her husband and after an induction, and hours of hard labor, their beautiful "Golden Child" was born. The couple had returned home after an extended hospital stay but, it appears Remy had to be rushed back due to complications!

The couple just celebrated their "anniversary" yesterday with Remy posting to social media saying:

"Such a special day that we have to acknowledge it🥰(3 years ago)- we call it our “TV Wedding Anniversary” 😏 BUT Now it’s an even MORE special day; it was originally my Due Date, however, after getting induced on Friday & having to stay in the hospital an extra day due to complications, today we got to FINALLY bring home “The Golden Child” ( the name is sticking- they calling her “GC”🤦🏽‍♀️...will reveal her REAL beautiful name with maternity pics soon though) I’m truly blessed🙏🏽 "

It looks like the stay at home was shorter than most with only 24 hours passing before the news of Remy's health status change! TMZ first reported that "Remy was suffering from excessive bleeding Tuesday night and went right back to the hospital. The post-birth complications necessitated emergency surgery."

At sometime during the procedure Remy needed a blood transfusion but we're told the surgery went well and she's expected to be released from the hospital later this week.

The couple have been very open about their struggle to get pregnant and their delight in finally welcoming a child that belongs to both of them. Remy has one child and Papoose has three other children from previous relationships. Their newborn daughter has yet to be named publicly but is said to be in good health.

Prayers up for a speedy and healthy recovery!

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