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Is There Money Trouble Between the Ladies of "The Real"? Allegedly Two Hosts are Saying Th

The Daytime television Darlings of "The Real" reportedly aren't as "real" as they appear on the tube! Sources have leaked behind the scenes drama that is literally splitting the foursome in two. According to DailyMail, Jeanne Mai and Adrienne Bailon are lobbying for more comparable wages to the shows other two co-hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Loni Love, who rake in more money than they do.

The rift started months ago when Adrienne and Jeanne wanted the help of Tamera and Loni in appealing to the network for higher salaries. "The Real" had just won an Emmy and the ladies felt that it was the perfect time to ask for more cash. Allegedly the two declined to help and Adrienne and Jeanne planned to stage a "walk out" until their demands were met. The "walk out" didn't happen and neither did the raise.

What did happen was an on-air blow up that appeared to be about nothing. . . but it was!

"The backstage tension over salaries is reportedly why Tamera and Jeannie had an uncharacteristically heated blow-up on camera in September during a discussion over the sexuality of Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie.

'That argument had nothing to do with whether two puppets were in a same sex relationship and had everything to do with the drama going on behind the scenes,' the source explained.

Further heightening tensions is the belief that Mowry-Housley 'isn't keeping it real' with viewers because she refuses to acknowledge her Republican views and skirts around her support Donald Trump in the 2016 election on air.

'There's a reason when the show does do the rare political topic or something regarding the POTUS, she sits in her seat with her lips zipped hoping nobody asks her to chime in,' offered the source."

What appears to be the final straw came when Tamera took a bereavement leave when her niece was killed in a mass shooting. During the time of her absence, the ratings from the show reportedly shot up 13 percent. This reignited the dying fire that Adrienne and Jeanne were carrying with them now petitioning for understanding how the show rose in fame when the highest paid co-host wasn't even on the air?

"The three co-hosts were also upset that during Tamera's absence, her husband Adam Housley gave an exclusive interview to CBS News about his niece's death, instead of appearing on his wife's show.

'So while they had to read a text message that Tamera sent them on air, her husband is off talking to news cameras about what went down. He couldn't find the time to come talk to the show that employs his wife?

'Especially since he's out of work and she's the only one working these days. It was a smack in the face of The Real and just added to the tension among the ladies,' the source disclosed."

Lord this is a whole mess. Here we are all thinking that these four ladies get along like college buddies and here they are beefing like "Mean Girls". Do you think that it's cool to have an extremely large wage gap between the hosts or is it time to level the paying field?

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