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More Details Emerge in the Case of Missing Texas Toddler and Her Mother Looks Suspicious!

Yesterday we reported that 2-year-old Hazana Anderson went missing while at a local Texas park with her mother. Her mother, Tiaundra Christon, was questioned and subsequently arrested for leaving the child unattended. We originally stated that the story seemed very suspicious but still wanted to hold out hope. Now, more details have emerged that leave us wondering what the truth really is!

The original story that her mother told police was that she left Hazana in her stroller and went to get a bottle for the child out of her car just a few yards away. When she retuned, the stroller was there but the toddler was gone. Christon did tell authorities that Hazana was able to get out of the car seat so she went searching for her and couldn't find her.

We now have a new twist courtesy of KBTX:

"As officers searched, they found a black bag with clothes and another object inside a dumpster. The report does not state exactly where the dumpster was located. Christon confirmed the clothes were the ones Hazana was wearing that morning but knew nothing of the object.

Police say they found evidence that Christon handled the bag and the object inside. Officers say she denied knowing anything about the object and did not know where her daughter had gone."

Tiaundra Christon has been charged with child endangerment for leaving her baby unattended and now for filing a false police report. We're hoping and praying that this baby is found alive.


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