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Just a Big Mess! Toddler Left on the WRONG Doorstep By His Mother's Smiling Friend!

Last night the internet went wild with a video showing a woman, dragging a toddler by his arm, rushing up to a home and ringing their doorbell. The woman sets the child down, drops what appears to be his belongings then darts off. Laughing and smiling the entire time. The little boy, however, didn't seem to be enjoying anything about the activity. He looks after her as she runs off, bewildered and confused.

As more details became available we learned that what was supposed to be a "custody exchange" turned into a horrible case of "ding dong ditch" and "abandoned baby"!

The home where the child was left, was that of strangers who, after answering their door and seeing a lonely child, called the police. It wasn't until the next morning that a news reporter stumbled upon the child's father while canvasing the neighborhood!

ABC13 reports that the parents "were called to the CPS office in Conroe for an emergency meeting with caseworkers.No charges have been filed so far against the woman who dropped the child off."

We definitely stand on the side of the father! The woman responsible for dropping this child off was wrong and should have waited until an adult answered the door. Whoever she is, she needs parenting classes too!


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