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#ForeverFLOTUS Michelle Obama Talks Life After the White House, Why She Won't Run and Separate B

Former, yet FOREVER, First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with the ladies of the TODAY show to talk about the importance of voting, life after the White House and if she'd ever consider running for President.

When asked if she would ever run for President in the future, Mrs Obama said: 'Absolutely not.'

'I have never wanted to be a politician. I want to serve, I want to be out there. There's so many ways to make an impact. Politics just isn't my thing,' she said.

You can watch the entire segment, provided by, below.

We don't know about all of you but watching this interview just made us miss her more!

Michelle Obama's book "Becoming" is due out November 13 and is available for pre-order. We're happy to hear that it's already a Best-Seller!

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