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University Football Player Jumps 16 Stories to His Death Just As Campus Police Respond to "Dist

21-year-old Marquis Brown, a junior at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, was a beloved son and friend. One of the players on Duquesne's famed football team and set to play in their homecoming game this weekend, Brown was pronounced dead after jumping from a window 16 stories off the ground.

"According to a statement from the university, campus were initially called to that floor for an altercation around 10:30 p.m. When they arrived, 21-year-old Marquis Brown, a junior, jumped out of the window.

Brown was taken to UPMC Mercy hospital and died a short time later."

Eric Williams Jr., also a student at Duquesne, said he was friends with Brown and saw him minutes before he jumped.

“I just had saw him before I left to go to Brottier, he was at my apartment. I just saw him 30 or 40 minutes before. So it is just shocking…it’s crazy,” Williams Jr. said."

Duquesne's Head Football Coach, Jerry Schmitt, stated that the team will play in their homecoming game because they all feel that it is the best way to "honor" Brown's memory.

The university is providing counselors from its counseling and wellbeing center.That number is (412)-396-6204. The campus ministry is also being made available, that number is (412)-396-6020.A memorial service is expected to be held this weekend.

At this time, there is no word on exactly what the "disturbance" was that prompted the call for campus police. We'll definitely be praying for this young man's family.

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