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Man Met a Woman on Dating App, Kidnapped, Assaulted and Trafficked Her!

Online dating has become the knew "singles bar" of the millennium and thousands of men, and women, are flocking to find their computer love!

For some, it's the beginning of a fairytale story. They meet, click and eventually get married. I know of several couples who've gotten together this way and one has been happily married for almost 20 years. With all of the commercials boasting about the beauty of finding love through personality testing and expert matching, it's no wonder women think that the men they meet on dating apps are safe. Most of them are but. . . some are not!

Kyle Hilliard, 30, from Gaithersburg, Maryland, contacted a woman on an app called Skout and allegedly carried out a vicious attack on her when the pair met for their first date on August 1 this year at an unidentified property.

They had been messaging o the app all day and she thought they had great chemistry. During the conversation Hilliard suggested that the woman take a Lyft, driving service, to his residence to meet up. The two spent some time together drinking alcohol, smoking weed and eventually had consensual sex. After the deed was done, Hilliard told the woman that he had just recently gotten out of jail for selling drugs. Feeling uneasy, the woman asked to leave and that's when things took a turn for the worse.

The woman says Hilliard started cooking a drug cocktail of "meth and molly" and detailed his plan to go to New York to obtain more drugs. The woman tried to leave the residence when Hilliard stopped her and said that he now "owned" her and was going to use her to "make money".


"Hilliard allegedly refused to provide the victim with food throughout the course of the evening but did supply her with an unknown liquid concoction. The victim ultimately fell unconscious, presumably from the drink. When she awoke, she found herself lying naked on a bloody makeshift bed in the basement. The victim noticed a box of unopened condoms and a fresh needle mark in her arm. Police note she'd never injected drugs in her life.

In a state of confusion, the victim aimlessly walked upstairs and found her cell phone, which had a number of newly created dating app profiles. Messages within those apps were actively advertising sexual acts in exchange for money. One man had already offered $100 for sex with the victim and had last indicated he was en route to the Wild Forest Drive address. Court documents do not clearly indicate if that man made it to address before the woman awoke.

Once clothed, Hilliard allegedly forced the victim to join him in a Lyft bound for DC in order to deliver drugs to customers. Hilliard left the victim alone in the Lyft while making each delivery. During the final drop off, the victim bolted toward an alleyway where she ordered a Lyft of her own and successfully escaped capture.

On Aug. 3, staff at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville performed a sexual assault test on the victim. Simultaneously, investigators served a search warrant on Hilliard's home where they located "items of evidence... consistent with [the victim's] account," court documents state.

Hilliard who is unemployed and divorced faces up to 55 years in prison on charges of second-degree rape, human trafficking, second-degree assault and false imprisonment. He is currently in Montgomery County custody on a no-bond status. Hilliard's next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 19, at the Montgomery County District Courthouse in Rockville. "

Ok, It's safe to say I won't be joining any online dating apps anytime soon! This was enough to scare me off from talking to strange men for at least the next year. . . or two! I think a BIG clue to him not being an upstanding member of society would have been a look at the background in his social media posts. If your room is a mess, AND YOU STILL POST THE PICTURE, you can't be trusted.

I guess I'm not wrong for running background checks on potential suitors. . . go figure!


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