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Mind Your Business Becky! Op-Ed Writer Questions Serena Williams' Marriage. Claims Her Husbands

Lord have mercy I swear people will try their best to GIVE you some drama where you don't have any! We all know that Serena has had a rough time with her return to tennis. She's been criticized, mocked, cheated and "defeated" and the woman STILL always comes out the victor. Through it all, from her near death childbirth experience to her racket breaking loss, her husband, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, has been by her side.

When I say "by her side", I mean in the MOST supportive way that we've seen any man show support for his woman since that time Will Smith showed off his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and Diddy let Cassie have the spotlight. Remember those?

Yeah, that kind of support! The woman, who wrote the opinion piece for Slate, questioned Ohanian's love for Williams saying :

"They feel straight out of a rom-com, in fact—they also play as strangely performative, like Ohanian is the too-good-to-be-true Justin Trudeau of tennis spouses. Why would Ohanian include the whole world in his overtures to his wife if not because he craves praise for absolutely killing it at the feminist-husband game?"

Ma'am if you don't sit yo' "it's too good to be true cuz' it's not happening to me" behind down somewhere! I get it that his love for his wife is "showy" but maybe it's because he genuinely loves and appreciates having someone so awesome in his life! Maybe he was a dork who got curved by all the chicks he liked in high chool and he wants them to see what they're missing. Maybe he wants other husbands to see what he's up to and STEP THEIR GAME UP! Who cares! Let the man love his wife the way he wants to!

Remember that time he took out several billboards to welcome Serena back to the tennis court? They were adorable and guess what, he bought them with his own money. Let a man spend thousands to tell the world he loves you if he wants to! It's his bag!

Remember the time Serena mentioned she wanted Italian food and her husband took her to ITALY to get it? Most of us women have to mention five or six times that we want Italian in HOPES of being taken to Olive Garden and sis got snatched to a whole different continent!

There was also that time that she lost her first returning Wimbledon match and he congratulated the winner but told the world that he was just glad she was alive? And just getting started! Some women can't even get an appreciation post before their funeral and sis stays getting at least two every month!

The most recent Serena appreciation post was in the form of a one minute video that he had put together to give her a confidence boost before her final match in the U.S. Open. He literally wanted her to know that no matter what the outcome, she was already the greatest that ever played! This right here, is some real love!

If homegirl (I'm purposely not saying her name because I feel it would somehow kill a fairy) who wrote the "maybe it's real, maybe it's Maybelline" article don't get somewhere and chill! I know sometimes other folks PDA can make you want to barf but let this man love his WIFE the way he sees fit!

I'm all for the super supportive public displays of affection and appreciation. I think it gives others something to look up to and hopefully mimic! What are your thoughts? Is Alexis Ohanian's love for Serena Williams a little "over the top" or "just right" in your book?

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