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Hate Crime Suspect and Alleged Kidnapper Killed in Overnight Shootout in Miami.

Residents in Miami were were shaken last night by the sound of thunderous gunshots and police sirens. The public was notified via Twitter of the dangerous situation with the Police department sending out a notice saying in part "the subject is deceased on the scene".

NBC News reports:

"The FBI was investigating a fugitive case, the subject of this case fled the scene, and he was armed," FBI Special Agent Brian Waterman said.

Officials said the suspect fled the first scene near Northwest 57th Avenue and 7th Street and opened fire on officers before the pursuit ended. Waterman said a rifle was recovered at the scene.

The suspect died at the scene. Authorities haven't released his identity but sources told the Miami Herald he is 40-year-old Alexander Carballido."

"Carballido spent 10 years in prison but was released on probation in July for carjacking and assaulting a police officer, the Herald reported. The paper reported that Carballido had sodomized a man during an armed home invasion earlier Thursday.

"There were no other reported injuries, officials said.

Footage from the scene showed the suspect's car, a silver Nissan Altima, riddled with gunshots and dozens of police evidence markers on the road where spent shell casings were found.

Multiple gunshots can be heard in a cellphone video taken by a witness near the scene."

Just listening to the footage gave us chills! Thank God no one else was hurt!


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