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Vivica Fox DRAGS Celina Powell for Faking Her Pregnancy with Offset's Baby. [WATCH]

Remember that time Instagram "model" Celina Powell had half of the world thinking she was pregnant with Offset's baby? Yeah, we do too. This woman went as far as to fake sonogram photos, and stage pictures with a tiny newborn. I swear folks do anything for fame.

Powell took the hot seat on Vivica Fox's talk show "Face The Truth" to actually 'fess up on her wrong doings and ended up looking even more suspect!

This woman orchestrated all of this deceit for "internet fame"? Sis has a real serious problem. Her voice is mad annoying and she seems like she really needed a mentor when she was younger. There's still hope for her though if she gets around the right people.

At the end of the day, liars NEVER win and I'm glad Cardi B and Offset were able to put this all behind them.

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