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Arkansas Daycare Owners Charged After Infant Left Alone in Hot, Locked Facility.

In a world where parents are already leery about who they leave their children with comes another case of trusted adults turning out to not be so trustworthy!

Imagine going to pick your baby up from daycare after a long day of work and finding the building locked and dark. Well, that's exactly what happened with two parents who went to pick up their 8-month-old son from Primary Learning Academy and Daycare last Friday around 4pm.

According to ABC News:

"There was a cause for concern. They did turn the air conditioner off for the day, so it had risen to 80 degrees by the time we got there," said Capt. Joe Baker of West Memphis Police Department.

The owners Alice and Ronald McClure admitted to not having a good protocol for the end of the day.

Arkansas records showed Primary Learning Academy was approved to have 65 children, with about half being babies or toddlers.

They didn't have any prior complaints or major citations on their state record.

Alice and Ronald McClure (the owners) will both face a judge in West Memphis District Court."

Here's the kicker though, as man as the infants parents are, there are actually people in the community that are standing in defense of the daycare owners.


"This is a good place to go to. I went there in 1993. My kids, I have three kids, go there. I have a baby there - she's 1,' parent Terrian Morris said. "They are good people. If you don't have it today, they will help you."

"They took care of generations of people. They wouldn't do this intentionally," a parent said.

These are generations of people who grew up with the McClure's as their second parents.

They say their children love them, which is why they will be presenting a letter to the state saying a majority of West Memphis depends on them for stability and security.

They also have a petition that's racking up signatures, hoping for the McClure's to get a second chance."

Do you think that just because this is the first time this type of incident has happened that these folks need to be let off or, do you think one time is too many? Let's chat about this in the comments below!

"I'm really hoping that they consider opening back up so our kids can have somewhere safe to go," a parent said.


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