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When a Man's Fed Up: Nas Unleashes 7 Part Exploit on His Ex-Wife Kelis. "You Keep My Son Fr

Lord have mercy this is a big one! We all know that O.G. rapper Nas used to be married to singer Kelis and they have a son together. It's also no secret that their divorce, and subsequent custody and child support battle, could probably keep family court in business for at least another decade. Nas has been in and out of court for what seems like years and, for the most part, he's kept a tight lip about his feelings on the matter. . . until now!

In a pretty lengthy set of Instagram posts, Nas unleashed a full on ESSAY on what he's really going through. Grab a snack, your reading glasses and dig in!

So. . . Kelis is out here actin' a fool huh? Of course Twitter has a lot to say about the situation. Some folks are for him, some are against him and some just don't care.

Whew child, this was exhausting! Hopefully these two can come to some type of amicable terms for the sake of their son. Children SHOULD NOT have to be in the middle of things like this.

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